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The procedure for starting an organic garden

… compost, you may use any type of organic matter. Do not use grass clipping that has been treated chemically. •    Add grass clippings and leaves in the garden •    Remove the aphids •    The planting bed must be of moderate size. Well, among all the steps, the most important one is adding the compost. Since organic gardening does not rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it is different from conventional farming. …

Best Homemade And Free Fertilizer For Organic Gardening

… clippings: grass clippings are considered as one of the best fertilizers that you can use in your garden. It is the best source not only because it can be procured easily but it can also kill the weeds and also help the soil to maintain the moisture level as well. •    Herbivore Manures: The manures of the herbivores animals like cow, horse, rabbits and chickens can be great fertilizers that you can get for free of cost. But never use the manures of animals like dogs, cats. The herbivores …

The Basics of Organic Gardening

… Dried leaves and grass clippings also fall in the category of organic matters. Scraps from the kitchen like vegetable stalks, fish heads and fruit peels also serve as best organic matters. These organic matters can easily be added on top of the plants for helping the plants in absorbing nutrients very well. Maintaining the Garden and Controlling Diseases and Pests The main objective of organic gardening is maintaining the garden without using chemical fertilizers and synthetic products. There …