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The importance of using aquaponics in organic gardening

… smaller space. The plant roots always rest in the nutrient rich water for a healthy growth. •    There is no need to undertake the painful task of weeding. So, there is more enjoyment and freedom. •    Here you need not use the pesticides or soil pests. Thus, you have healthy plants without any toxic chemicals. •    There is no need to water the plants since the roots are always submerged in the nutrient rich water. •    Here the plants will grow much faster when compared to …

Best Homemade And Free Fertilizer For Organic Gardening

… manures cost of straws, hay and other things which help them to compost fast and make a great fertilizer as well. •    Fish and Seaweed Emulsions: The fish and seaweed can be another form of fertilizer that can do a lot of good for your organic gardening. it easily increases the nutrients capacity of the soil and thus the plants can get more vital nutrients for healthy growth. •    Plant covers and mulches: This is one of the commonest forms of organic fertilizer that you can easily …

The Basics of Organic Gardening

… procedure that make it very complicated. The basics of organic gardening include: Healthy Soil Having healthy and fertile soil is very important for organic gardening. Healthy soil is soil packed with nitrogen and other essential nutrients needed by plants. A proper location of air and sunlight results in healthy growth. The most perfect variety of soil used for organic gardening is clay soil in comparison to garden soil or normal sand. Clay soil is rich in its content of nutrients and works …