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Everything you need to know about organic gardening

… the garden is much cheaper than purchasing organic produce from any local market. The importance of compost tea in the realm of organic gardening Compost tea refers to the organic plant food and is made from the steeping compost in the water. Compost tea is very good for the plants as it can fight a range of plant diseases like wilts, molds and blights. It can also help control the insect infiltration. Beneficial bacterial can grow in the soil to pave the way for a healthy plant environment. …

The Advantages of Organic Gardening

… pesticides can result in neurological, hormonal and immune problems. Thus it can rightly be said that conventional gardening does no good to the environment. On the other hand, the use of natural fertilizers in organic gardening helps in safeguarding the beauty of the environment. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides generally contribute to a complete decrease in the nutrients of plant food affecting all the species. Thus, the use of natural fertilizers and other natural procedures in organic …

Information and Facts about Organic Gardening

… any harmful chemicals and is 100% healthy •    It is good for the environment •    It is more affordable in comparison to purchasing organic produce from the local market. The Benefit of Using Compost Tea in the Garden Compost tea is basically natural plant food and it is made by steeping aged compost into water. It helps in fighting off different plant diseases like blights, wilts and molds. It is one of the greatest ways of controlling insect infiltration. Compost tea also helps in …