The procedure for starting an organic garden

Organic gardening is the fabulous way to grow high quality and healthy flowers, foods, without any use of synthetic fertilizers. Organic techniques of growing plants are much healthier for the environment and the wildlife. Since there is no use of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, the process is also least expensive. You just need to work in close harmony with nature in order to have a flourishing and thriving garden. Organic garden is also easy to maintain and in fact you need to know the right steps and procedures.

Choosing the site or space for the organic garden

If you are just a beginner, it is good to think small. Start from a small garden as it will use fewer materials and consume less time. Even if it is 4inch by 4inch, the garden can have fresh vegetables and fruits. Do not over plant and consider your needs.

The procedure for starting an organic garden

Prepare the composite pile

For developing organic and rich soil, you need compost. To make the compost, one can use any type of organic material to enrich the soil. Use the weeds, fallen leaves and grass for the compost.

Add up organic material to the soil

Indeed, the key to healthy plants and lush greenery is always a nutrient rich soil. You need to add as much organic material to the soil as you want. Use your compost heap to nourish the soil. If the quality of soil is good, it will bring forth healthy plants without any use of chemical fertilizers. There will be bursts of rapid growth of plants with this process. Another benefit is that you may easily remove the weeds when the soil is enriched. Compost rich soil can help do away with the disadvantages of clay and sandy soils.

Controlling weeds

Weeds are the unwanted plants that you do not want in your garden area. To get rid of the roots of weeds, you may use your hands. You may also use a sharp hoe to eliminate the weeds. Organic mulches can also be used to eliminate weeds from the region. Make use of heat to control the weeds within the cracks.

Reconsider your lawn

Do not panic if you find some weeds here and there. A pristine and lush green lawn will need a lot of work from your side. You may include other plants and may let the clover in. Consider growing something besides the lawn and making the lawn pretty smaller when the climate is arid.

Invite friendly insects, worms and birds

There can be several worms, birds and insects that encourage good condition within the lawn. Try inviting them by using all sorts of techniques.

Handy tips on organic gardening

•    To make the compost, you may use any type of organic matter. Do not use grass clipping that has been treated chemically.

•    Add grass clippings and leaves in the garden

•    Remove the aphids

•    The planting bed must be of moderate size.

Well, among all the steps, the most important one is adding the compost. Since organic gardening does not rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it is different from conventional farming.

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