Benefits Of Using Neem Oil In Organic Gardening

Neem is one of the best herbal trees which are having invaluable medicinal value. This native Indian tree by-product like oil, the cake is drastically used in producing essential products like shampoo, soaps, and toothpaste and so on. But only a few people do know that Neem can be used as one of the best and safest forms of insecticides for organic gardening. Amongst all other by-products of Neem, the Neem oil is mostly used when it comes to making organic pesticides. Thus it can make a great product for the organic gardeners to control the problems of pests in their gardens and grow healthy crops.

Is Neem oil is a safe option?

There has been a lot of discussion going on and most of the gardeners are interested in learning that whether Neem oil is safe for the plants or not. Most of the products which are available for this purpose have the concentration of 3% but depending on the concentration level the dosage can be different for using a particular product as a pesticide. According to the reports, the Neem oil and its other extracts are considered as safe for both the plants and also the bugs like ladybug and butterfly which don’t chew the leaves or do any kind of harm to the plants. Though it can affect the small hives but for the large and medium hives, it doesn’t have any harmful effects.

Using Neem Oil in Organic Gardening

Benefits of using the Neem oil extract in organic gardening

There are more than a dozen of benefits of using the Neem oil extract for the organic gardening. Here is an excerpt of them.

•    Safe for the pets: Synthetic pesticides used in the plants often leaves a residue that can be fatal for the wildlife and pets but when you use the Neem oil as pesticide then there will be no such harmful effects of it.

•    Biodegradable and organic substance: Neem oil itself a product of nature and biodegradable and organic product that can have no adverse effect on nature.

•    No death zone creation: When Neem is used it can only target the plant chewing and plant sucking insects and doesn’t cause harm to other beneficial ones thus there will be no damage on the insects which are essential for plants growth.

•    You can use it at any stage: Unlike the synthetic pesticides that can be used depending on the stage and growth of the insects, you can use the Neem oil at any point in time and at any stage to eliminate the insects from your garden.

•    Neem oil can kill hundreds of insects: When you use the Neem oil then you don’t have to worry about different kind’s insects’ solution. By using one product you can kill more than 200 types of insects like Scale, Leafhoppers, Aphids, Mites, Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Thrips, Caterpillars, Mites, and so on.

•    Controlling nematodes: Nematodes are one of the fiercest enemies of the plants and can be very difficult to control them. But with the use of Neem oil, you can control them effectively. On the other hand, earthworms won’t be harmed at all for using it.

•    Foliar spray: The Neem oil can also be used as the foliar spray too.

Apart from this, you can also use the Neem oil in your organic gardening in different ways like as a fertilizer, fungicide, and bactericide and so on.

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