What Is Organic Horticulture Compost? What Are The Ingredients And Benefits Of Using?

Composting is one of the inevitable parts of the organic gardening. The process of compositing involves decomposing the organic things into humus-like materials. The sole aim for composting is to make the soil more fertile without using the any harmful chemicals.  The compost is very useful for gardening as it can help you to produce more organic foods than any other things. There are several techniques that can be used for producing the compost like animal corpses, crop residues, food garbage, and municipal wastes and so on. There are various processes that one can follow to produce the compost for gardening.

What Is Organic Horticulture Compost

Ingredients and uses

There are 4 main ingredients which help the other ingredients to compose and prepare good compost for gardening. The main ingredients which are necessary are air, water, dead plant materials and living plant materials. Here when choosing the materials you must avoid the trees which have any kind of diseases as it can affect the plants and the process as well. It is generally used as mulch in the organic gardening. When it is used around the soil of the plant then the vital nutrients from the compost extracted from the soil and it makes it more fertile and a good source of food for the plants.

Composting methods

Different approaches can be taken in order to yield the compost from the kitchen and crop residues. The process which is used mainly are as follows,

•    Vermicompost: in this process, the red worms and worm bins play a vital role to compose the ingredients.  This process is quite popular amongst the garden enthusiasts who want to prepare the compost from the foods wastes at home. As this type of composting process the carbon to nitrogen ratio is higher and the salinity level is also lower so this kind of compose is very useful than other kinds of composing available in the market today.

•    Compost tea: this is also another popular method and tea is used as the main ingredient for producing this kind of compost for gardening. It is also used to treat the fungal problem in plants.

•    Bokashi: in this process, the foul scent of decamping can be eradicated as the microorganisms cover the materials and help it decompose without any smell. It can also prevent the weeds from growing by blocking the sunlight.

Benefits of suing the compost

There are various benefits of making the compost and using the same for the gardening as well. In one hand it can make the soil more fertile and also, on the other hand, it can help to keep the ecological balance intact. Other benefits of using the compost are,

•    it can reduce the amount of waste

•    Composting temperature can kill the pathogen and weeds.

•    it is an excellent soil conditioner

•    it increases the microbial activity

•    plant disease can be treated very well

•    it can improve the bio availability and the water retention capacity of the soil

•    when there will be fewer wastes then it can help to keep the environment pollution free.

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