Wondering how to grow onions organically? Follow the tips below

Growing onions in the garden is very easy than what you think. Whether fresh or dried, onions are the foundational component of salads, soups and casseroles. You may just tuck onion plants in the spare corners. Through the process of organic farming or organic gardening you can grow onions. Onions do come in various colors, shapes and sizes. You may grow onions by using sets, seeds and transplants. You can buy the transplants from the nurseries that are available in bunches. Sets, on the other hand, are the immature bulbs that may be used. You can get the set of red, white and yellow color. But, if you wish to enjoy a lot of choices as a cultivator of onion, you need to buy seeds. Let us check out the steps for growing onions.

Determining the time for planting

If you want to use the onion seeds, begin planting the seeds in the month of January. Sets must be used between April and May. Onion bulbs must be used during the warmer days only. You need to choose among long-day, intermediate-day and Short-day onions. It is only your supplier of seeds or sets who can tell you the category of onion you should choose.

How to grow onions organically

Where to grow?

It is already known that onions grow well when it is sunny. However, when the sunlight is too bright, a little bit of shade will be required. To offer the shade, you may grow onion behind the taller plants.

Prepare the soil

Make sure the soil you choose for growing onion has fewer rocks. Rocks cause deformity in the bulbs. Secondly, you need to loosen the soil up to 16-18 inches down and then use compost, shredded leaves or manure. The soil must have the PH of 6.5-6.8. If the mineral content is higher, you can use the sandy soil also.

Use only fresh onion seeds

By using the fresh seeds, you will enjoy a great variety in onions. Although it takes 5 months to mature, patience is the key to growing healthy and fresh onions. If you want to grow onions indoors, start the seeds 8 weeks prior to the last frost. The day temperature can be 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the night temperature may be 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips on planting the seeds

•    If you plant onions in the spring season, try to loosen the soil pretty well.

•    Do not cover the top of the onion bulb. You just need to push the bulbs to the soft dirt.

•    To ensure the health of the onions, try to control the weeds much earlier. Consistent weeding is must.

•    Always keep in mind that although the length of the day remains consistent, the temperature of soil and air varies. This impacts the plants.

How to water the plants?

•    The soil can be kept moist but it should not be soggy

•    Tops must not be wet since that can cause diseases

•    Make use of soaker hose, to keep water off the leaves

By following some of the basic tips of organic gardening, you can grow fresh onions. A lot many things have to be learned like when to harvest, how to store the onions and how to control the pests.

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