Insects that help in pest control with organic gardening

Looking to manage the worst of garden pests? Well, the best method of managing pest with organic gardening is growing the right flowers and attracting the beneficial insects to the garden in order to reduce damage from caterpillars, flea beetles and aphids. Pest control is always critical enough to deal with. There is no need to use poisonous pesticides to eliminate the dangerous pests as you may attract some insects into your garden. If you are looking for a powerful but natural solution to kill the insects in your garden, you can attract beneficial insects who can feed upon the dangerous pests.

Pest control with organic gardening

Why to avoid the chemical pesticides?

If you are an environmental conscious gardener, you will be aware how harmful the chemical pesticides are. Chemical pesticides harm the environment and also lead to a lot of health issues. Pests have developed a sort of intolerance to the chemical sprays over the years. To kill the insects in the garden, you may always employ organic solutions and sprays. But, if you want to avoid even the organic sprays, beneficial insects is an effective way to combat the pest infestations in your garden. It is easier to control the pest insect by using beneficial natural enemies of the pests. In fact, this is the most successful way of fighting out the critters. You may introduce several kinds of insects into your thriving garden to protect your crops in an organic manner. Such beneficial insects are the real enemies of the pest species that harm the crops.

The list of insects to help in pest control

•    You may introduce lady bugs in your garden. This is a very beneficial insect that can kill a variety of pests like aphids, thrips, leaf worms, mealy bugs, leaf hopper, whiteflies and also fruitworms.

•    Nematodes are other kind of insect that may help eliminate cutworms, beetles, fleas, ants and gnats from your garden. Apart from these, it may also eliminate grubs and root weevils that can cause great harm to your crops.

•    Introduce Green Lacewing to get rid of pests like whitefly, mites and leaf miner, aphids.

•    Praying Mantis is another beneficial insect which can fabulously free your garden from dangerous pests like aphids, fleas, mosquitoes and also scale insects. It is known as the general kind of predator.

•    Trichogramma can powerfully attack insects like fruit flies, moths, webworms and borers.

If you are really in hunt for organic ways of getting rid of pests from your garden, you can attract beneficial insects and avoid using chemical pesticides that harm the crops. Inviting such beneficial pests is eco-friendly and an easier way to eliminate the pests. The top 5 beneficial insects will cause no harm to the environment and your crops. They are the best substitute for chemical pesticides. Both your pets and plants will stay healthy. Even the crops you get from your organic garden will be healthy. If you are into organic gardening, you may easily rely on the beneficial insects and feel proud that you are doing your part of work for the environment.

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