Everything you need to know about organic gardening

An organic garden is the garden which is grown and maintained by using only natural pesticides, fungicides and natural fertilizers. Organic gardening employs no chemical and solely considers the environment and the earth. It is important to nourish and replenish the soil from time to time. If you go for this mode of planting, the food will be healthier and fresher, tasting better. It is better for the environment since there is no use of chemicals in the process. This way of gardening or having the garden is much cheaper than purchasing organic produce from any local market.

Organic Gardening

The importance of compost tea in the realm of organic gardening

Compost tea refers to the organic plant food and is made from the steeping compost in the water. Compost tea is very good for the plants as it can fight a range of plant diseases like wilts, molds and blights. It can also help control the insect infiltration. Beneficial bacterial can grow in the soil to pave the way for a healthy plant environment. However, do not buy too fresh compost tea since that can burn the plants.

Certain facts on organic gardening

•    Organic gardening makes use of insects to keep away other harmful insects and pests from the plants. For instance, the lady bug will assist in keeping away mealybugs, spider mites, white flies and aphids.

•    Here in the organic farming, there is the use of natural or organic products like Eco Oil to keep away the insects. So, you may eliminate the annoying bugs

•    As per the recent studies, pesticides are extremely harmful for young children and can cause long term health problems.

•    Organic farming is all about using organic ingredients for growing plants. It protects the environment and helps in producing healthier food that may be fed to the family.

•    Soil is not only constituted of inorganic matter but also it is made up of organic matter. If there is the absence of microorganisms in the soil, the soil will become unhealthy.

•    It is must to test the quality of the soil and to ensure that the soil is healthy. You may find the soil testing lab nearby and send the sample for the testing.

•    The home garden needs excellent nutrients and so it is important to add up nutrients. Organic fertilizer and compost fertilizer has to be added after you get the test results.

Hand spade is the best tool for tilling

You may have got accustomed to using the machine tilling but according to the experts, it is best to use a hand spade for the tilling. Hand tilling is the best way to retain the soil structure. On the other hand, organic farming makes use of organic seeds that are widely available in the market. Online stores also sell the seeds and so you may have a look.

In the organic farming, organic pesticides, insecticides and fungicides are used. You may also use some beneficial birds and insects to feed on the pest and to control them in a natural manner.

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