Information and Facts about Organic Gardening

An organic garden is a garden that is grown and even maintained with the use of natural fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. There are no chemicals used in this type of gardening. This type of gardening also takes the environment and the earth into account. It is the duty of every individual to nourish and replenish the soil.

The Advantages of an Organic Garden

Facts about Organic Gardening

Major advantages of an organic garden include:

•    The foods tastes better and is fresher

•    The food does not contain any harmful chemicals and is 100% healthy

•    It is good for the environment

•    It is more affordable in comparison to purchasing organic produce from the local market.

The Benefit of Using Compost Tea in the Garden

Compost tea is basically natural plant food and it is made by steeping aged compost into water. It helps in fighting off different plant diseases like blights, wilts and molds. It is one of the greatest ways of controlling insect infiltration. Compost tea also helps in creating a healthy environment by assisting in the procedure of growing beneficial bacteria in the soil. Compost tea in its diluted form can be used in the form of a foliar spray. When trying to buy compost tea make sure that it is not new because if the compost is fresh it might burn and damage the plants.

Some Natural Fungicidal and Pesticidal Recipes

•    Onions and Garlic: You need to crush the onions and the garlic and mix them using vegetable oil. This natural fungicide works great in killing the soft body insects.

•    Hot Peppers with Garlic Spray: Hot peppers carefully mixed with garlic spray does a good job in avoiding rabbits from entering the garden. It also helps in killing insects with its acidic strength.

•    Vegetable Oil or Canola: This pesticide needs to be heavily diluted with water otherwise it can burn plants in the garden.

•    Alcohol: Alcohol is also an effective pesticide but it also needs to be diluted very well with water otherwise it might burn the plants in the garden.

•    Corn Meal: It works in the form of an anti-fungal when used along with compost tea.

•    Apple Cider Vinegar: It works in the form of a mild fertilizer and fungicide.

•    Compost Tea: This mild fungicide helps in controlling diseases.

•    Mild Dish Soap: It has the potential of paralyzing insects if they come into direct contact.

•    Cloves: They work as repellents for the flying insects.

Beneficial Facts About Organic Gardening

Some beneficial facts about organic gardening are:

•    It involves the use of insects for keeping away other pests and insects. Lady bugs, for example, can be o good help in getting rid of mealy bugs, white flies, aphids and spider mites.

•    It has been proved through studies that pesticides can be harmful for young children and might also result in health problems in adults and children.


The use of organic products can help in eliminating plant diseases. Thus, in a way, organic gardening helps in keeping insects at bay.

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