Natural Pest Control in Organic Horticulture

There are many organic gardeners who seem to be worried when it comes to keeping fruit flies, coddling moths and Aphids at bay. These are pests that can completely destroy a luscious garden. The thoughts of annoying pests damaging a garden might be a great trouble for gardeners with beautiful organic gardens. The simplest and the surest cure for such troubles is natural pest control in organic gardening. Natural pest control is the procedure of using healthy recipes for controlling the pests. The organic gardening natural pest control procedures mentioned below are extremely beneficial, easy to prepare and easily available as well. These are made with things that are commonly used in the household. Since these are 100% organic, they are quite beneficial for trees and plants in an organic garden.

Organic Horticulture

Horticulture Oil and Baits

Coddling moths and other pests can be tackled in the best way possible with the use of corrugated cardboard and sticky traps. Pheromone baits can also be used for keeping the coddling moths at bay. You also have the option of spraying horticulture oil on the fruit trees and leaves for dealing with larvae that they produce. The use of horticulture oil also helps in dealing with harmful spider mites that can bother fruit-bearing trees.

Natural Predators

Natural predators can be used for doing away with Aphids. However, it is necessary for you to ensure that you have them in plenty as this will help you in dealing with Aphids on a very wide scale. Lady bugs and lacewings works as the best natural predators that can be of good help to the organic fruit farmers.

Organic Soap Solution

Organic soap solution can be sprayed in the evening and it is considered one of the best ways of getting rid of spider mites infesting the garden during the summer season. Special oil can also be sprayed in the garden and it works wonders in when done in the proper manner.

Some Procedures for Getting Rid of Harmful Pests

There are some natural procedures that can also be used for getting rid of harmful pests and these are as follows:

•    Borers are pest varieties that generally attack fruit-bearing trees. The trees can easily be protected from the onslaught of borers by covering their truck. Nevertheless, if the trees have already been infected, nematodes can be injected in the stems of the trees. Identifying the signs of infestation in the trees is quite easy. The infected trees will have stiff bark and wilted stems. Injecting nematodes in the steams of the trees can help in killing larvae. However, badly affected tree stems need to be pulled out.

•    Tilling the soil around trees affected by oriental fruit moths can help in eradicating these pests.


Controlling pests organically is one of the best ways of protecting an organic garden. You are sure to be surprised by the results that you get.

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