The Advantages of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is one of the healthiest and safest ways of gardening both for animals, human beings and the overall environment. People involved in this type of gardening generally avoid the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides that do nothing but contaminate the water, soil, air and ultimately human beings and animals as well. These people generally develop a good understanding of the environment and make use of holistic procedures for growing vegetables and plants. Personal health and environment are the two most important advantages of organic horticulture. Despite several misconceptions about this type of gardening, it is considered the best alternative for each and every aspect.

Organic Gardening

Health Advantages Offered by Organic Gardening

Chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are associated with a number of health problems and these include:

•    Birth defects

•    Breast cancer

•    Damaged brain functioning

•    Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

•    Parkinson’s Disease

•    Prostate Cancer

•    Miscarriages

•    Childhood Leukemia

•    Infertility

•    Depression

•    Autism

Thus, one of the greatest advantages of organic horticulture is safeguarding the health of human beings. People who are involved in organic gardening and the ones who are in the habit of taking in organic fruits and vegetables do not tend to suffer from major health issues. Organic gardening helps people in skipping the risk of suffering from various diseases and it can also offer other benefits.

Increase in Vitamin D

People who spend time in organic gardening need to stay in the sun and this helps them in getting the amount of vitamin D needed by the body. This way they can decrease their chances of suffering from problems like bone density, muscle and joint pain, diabetes, multiple varieties of cancer and heart attacks.

Enjoyable Exercising

There are many people who do not like going to the gym but they want to be active always. Organic gardening can serve as one of the best ways on increasing exercises in a purposeful manner.

Stress Reduction

Organic gardening is all about being outdoors and remaining connected with sunshine, fresh air and nature. This way organic gardening serves as one of the healthiest solutions for stress that is one of the biggest killers.

Environmental Advantages Offered by Organic Gardening

It has been proved through studies that the mixture of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides can result in neurological, hormonal and immune problems. Thus it can rightly be said that conventional gardening does no good to the environment. On the other hand, the use of natural fertilizers in organic gardening helps in safeguarding the beauty of the environment. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides generally contribute to a complete decrease in the nutrients of plant food affecting all the species. Thus, the use of natural fertilizers and other natural procedures in organic gardening are far more beneficial for the environment.


People who are involved in organic gardening are well-aware of the advantages of this type of gardening and this way they are satisfied with the fact that they are doing some good to the environment.

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